Relaxation is the only meaningful contradiction to stress.

The Dharmadhatu Institute approach to the human experience of stress is based on a simple fact: the only real and effective solution to stress, in whatever form it takes, is relaxation. Relaxation is the only way to undo the effects and mechanisms of stress within the body and mind.

Where we’re heading…

The Dharmadhatu Institute is a boutique service dedicated to a few corporate clients at any given time as well a limited number of private clients for individual service.

The Dharmadhatu Institute is dedicated to supporting clients to realize a sense of footing and meaningful onward motion within the human condition in organic, attainable, realistic and sustainable terms.

Our organization will utilize education as the means to develop relevant terms and realize practical experience with which individuals will come to meaningful experiences of relaxation and contentment.

The Dharmadhatu Institute will always explore new opportunities to support innovative creative and meaningful initiatives dedicated to the support, celebration, and/or satisfaction of the human condition in partnerships with nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, businesses, or private citizens.